The Velcro Collective are committed to being an environmentally responsible organisation.


We recognise that access to nature and caring for the environment is a privilege and that many people experience barriers despite their concern for the environment. Below we outline what steps we can reasonably take.


Our aims

  • To reduce planetary harm in how we operate as an organisation, including how we set up and deliver community projects and touring shows.
  • To be a gentle catalyst for climate change to our audiences and participants through our projects and shows.
  • To take extra care not to harm or damage the natural world / animals whilst working on location, and in our personal lives.
  • To be realistic about the capacity of our team, our turnover, our artists, and the communities we work with about the practicalities of what is possible due to the barriers we face, be that environmental, social and/or economic.

Our company commitments include:



  • Reduce electrical waste by only purchasing new technology when necessary.
  • Awareness of the amount of energy devices are using; recommendations include turning off devices when not in use, lowering brightness on screen, setting battery level between 50 – 80% and not leaving plugged in at full charge. 
  • Remove cloud file storage onto hard drive every 2 years.
  • Turn off lights, water taps, etc., when not in use at all working locations.
  • Limit energy use in productions e.g., lights and sounds within reason.


  • Reduce carbon footprint by consolidating shipping/transport, and consider travel arrangements for team meetings, community projects and touring locations.
  • Using public transport, electric taxi vehicles and carpooling where practical, bearing in mind rural geographical locations and the access and financial support needs of our artists, participants, and audiences.
  • Signpost public transport options on promotional material.

Digital footprint

  • Use zoom for meetings, reducing travel where possible. Or if a face to face is not necessary, go old school with a phone call.
  • Reduce energy use from email data storage by deleting all emails over 2 years old.
  • Consider balance of printed and digital access information and promotional materials to ensure information is still inclusive for all audiences/participants.

Materials and waste

  • Pick up litter and recycle waste
  • Reduce home printing and recycle paper
  • Avoid non-biodegradable and single use plastic materials such as food packaging, glitter, make up wipes.
  • Value the possibilities of the natural world as creative assets for example with the set, props.
  • Reduce waste by repurposing, reusing, recycling or donating leftover materials
  • Hire and/or borrow set, costumes, equipment and tech, where possible
  • Source second-hand costumes/materials from charity and vintage shops and from online resale shopping platforms such as Ebay, Depop and Vinted
  • When sourcing materials, both online and in store, consider the ethical practices of the supplier
  • Pre-prepare and/or share food to reduce waste while working away on projects
  • Design creative ways to pilot zero-waste within specific projects

Audiences, participants & Networks

  • Knowledge share with collaborating artists, partners and like-minded organisations
  • Share our actions, learnings and successes externally. Celebrate our wins.
  • Create work / find opportunities that gently communicate climate change, and to encourage and inspire action for change to our participants and audiences.
  • Communicate with venues/partner organisations on their approach to sustainability

Inspiration from: Can’t Sit Still, Theatre Bristol, Doorstep Arts, Daryl & Co, Creative Climate Action Checklist.


The Velcro Collective continue to learn and develop best practice through training, resources and conversations with audiences, participants, partners and collaborating artists. This policy will be kept under ongoing review, and we welcome your thoughts on any improvements we could make.  Please contact us direct if you have any specific recommendations.  [email protected] or call/text 07876 773775