We are The Velcro Collective - interactive and joyful ways to connect with creativity & nature

What we do

We specialise in Dance, Theatre & Participatory Arts with a commitment to Inclusion and Diversity at the heart of everything we do.

Creating interactive work that is bright, imaginative, and joyful, our accessible performances, creative projects, workshops and training experiences allow audiences and participants to think differently.


We care about people having opportunities to access the arts. So, we look for the gaps to identify who is missing out. By putting people first we create opportunities to experience dance in new and unusual ways.

“Entertaining, Involving, unexpected” Audience member
“Engaging and witty" Audience member
“Bright and colourful, a feast for the senses” Audience member
“It is rich territory.” Workshop participant

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Photo credits from left to right: © Jack Offord, © Sebastian Fry, The Velcro Collective, © Lee Pretious