We are The Velcro Collective - interactive and joyful ways to connect with creativity & nature

What we do

Our vision is for everyone to have equal access to nature & creativity.


We care about people having opportunities to join in and take part equally, so we look for the gaps to identify who is missing out.


By putting people first we create co-designed opportunities for people and communities to experience creativity and nature together.   


– Bring people closer to nature through creative participatory activities that are sensory, gentle, joyful & thoughtful.


– Improve people’s physical & mental health & wellbeing from spending time outdoors, encouraging ongoing connections with nature.


– Encourage appreciation of the natural environment, working with it as the creative stimulus in multi art form activities.

– Build relationships with people & communities to create meaningful  experiences in Gloucestershire and beyond.

– Develop partnerships with organisations & venues working to increase access to nature.

““It was lovely to spend time together as a family and know it was assessable to us all"
“Great experience for kids and adults! Scarlett says ‘best day of my life’!”
“Positively unique – creative and fun!"
“The Velcro Collective have been absolutely incredible.”

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Photo credits from left to right: © Jack Offord, © Sebastian Fry, The Velcro Collective, © Lee Pretious