Creating Access

workshop for artists and practitioners to explore ACCESS THROUGH VISUAL IMPAIRMENT AWARENESS


monday 25th march 2024

9:30AM – 5:00PM



who is this for?

Are you an artist or practitioner involved in or delivering in creative projects, artistic collaborations, workshops or classes in Gloucestershire?


Creating Access is a series of practical labs designed to develop your skills & confidence in inclusive practice. The first lab is a focus on Visual Impairment Awareness, and how audio description can be used as both access and creative tools.

This is for you if you want to:

  • Better welcome a diversity of participants to your sessions or projects
  • Increase your understanding of ways to improve access
  • Feel more confident working as part of a diverse collaborative team on artistic projects
  • Have an increased awareness of your needs to do your best work as a practitioner
  • Be part of a local network of like minded artists & practitioners to share with and learn from
A colour photo of two people moving with gold foil. Holly is wrapping the foil around Ebony's torso who has their arms up. They are both smiling.


All art forms welcome – this makes the day richer as we can share experiences with each other!


Open to all levels of experience. This might feel like a new area to your work, or you might have been delivering sessions for some time. Whichever applies to you, this day is about meeting others and developing practice & understanding together.

what's involved?

The lab will involve presentations, discussions, creative tasks and time to make connections with other artists & practitioners. 


Visual Impairment Awareness

– with Alun Davies, Sight Loss Council

  • Use of language & communication
  • Sighted guiding
  • Myth busting
 Tools in the creative space

with Holly Thomas

  • Practical workshopping to explore fundamentals of working with audio description in workshops/creative projects

Marketing & Comms

– with The Velcro Collective

  • Communication before the workshop or project
  • Making people feel welcome
  • Social media access
A performer (Linzi) is moving with a large branch on her shoulders. It's decorated with coloured strings, leaves and twigs. People are sat watching.


I don’t work with anyone who is blind and/or visually impaired, is this still for me?

Yes, absolutely! You may not have anyone in your sessions right now, but it is great to be thinking about this in advance so you are ready to welcome participants. Some of the tools you’ll take away with you will provide with transferable skills for a variety of creative settings. Also, your learning could make an improved experience for parents/carers of participants and in wider areas of your professional and personal life too. 


I don’t have much experience, can I join?

We encourage people with all levels of experience to sign up. Even if this feels new to you, it’s about making the first few steps to encourage inclusivity in your practice going forward and feel part of a wider network to support you along the way. You might make some connections with people to learn from and work with in the future!


I’ve been an inclusive practitioner for a long time, how will I benefit from taking part?

This is a great opportunity to hear from artists with lived experienced from outside the county and refresh your creative thinking. You’ll meet people working across different art forms which may create fruitful collaborations for the future. Share your knowledge and experience with others to help grow a confident network of inclusive practitioners!

feedback from previous attendees

“As a newbie to audio description I felt very inspired by the ideas behind audio description and it’s place not only in dance but as an art form itself.”
“It’s motivated me to return and ask how might my organisation make space to spread these practices nationally/internationally using its platform.”
“Thank you! This day was incredibly useful and inspiring. It reinvigorated my excitement about working with audio description and has spurred me on to make it happen!”
“Loved the mix of talks, videos, exercises and showing/sharing your work in progress.”


Oxstalls Campus is a wheelchair accessible venue. There is level access to the studio. Accessible toilets are a short walk along the corridor on the ground floor. There are accessible parking spaces just outside the building. 


Please let us about your access needs in your sign up form. If needed, we’ll arrange a conversation to discuss how we can best support you to take part on the day.


If you’d like to discuss your access needs, please contact Michelle by email or phone:
[email protected]


costs & HOW TO SIGN UP

  • Company/organisation: £20
  • Independent/freelancer: £10
  • Student: Free

If a travel bursary would be helpful (up to £20), please let us know when booking.


If you’re interested, please complete a sign up form by Monday 18th March – we look forward to meeting you!

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